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How to coach your gifted child to overcome social or emotional struggles, collaborate and thrive.

Even amidst the current pandemic 


Introducing Champion Your Gifted Child Signature Program

With this Program you will discover...

Experience our 90 day framework for rapid transformation.

Time is your most precious commodity.

Your family relationships, environment and mental being is the most important thing.

Are you experiencing any of the below?

😣Constant power struggles, arguments, and drama.
😩Tantrums, Meltdowns, Opposition Defiance...
😫Investing all your time, energy and resources to help your child comply and thrive, to no avail..
😩Constantly feeling overextended, taken for granted, disrespected, judged for your child's behavior.
🙀Seeing your child go through terrible anxiety, depression, losing their spark..

If you think you can't do this are simply can't.

We are here to support you break those patterns, and we will do this together with neuroscience- backed, proven strategies to help soothe your immune systems, rewire your brain patterns, enhance executive functioning and implement lifestyle optimizations.

We are ready, are you?

Why are they struggling if they are gifted? Will they survive on their own in life? Why is this happening? Can I take this anymore?

We will answer these questions ...
and many more...

Leverage Neurosciences of dys-regulations to stop meltdowns on their tracks, devise proactive actions and get in the front seat once for all.

We will review latest research on emotional dysregulation and how to improve executive functioning so you use science- backed coaching tools that are effective, simple and bring an immediate relief to your current situation.

You will have actions that calm down your child, yourself and de-escalate immediately. You will devise a pro-active plan to stop dysregulations on their tracks. 

You will simply put an end to ongoing dram that make your family life feel like a war zone and make you go..."I can't do this anymore". Yes, that's what we will do.


Leverage Research on Connection
to implement efficient coaching tools for full collaboration at home...without yelling or threatening, or nagging!

You will build a renewed connection that will ease any current and future interventions.

You will not feel like a failure anymore, because your coaching and leadership will land and you will rebuild harmony ion your parenting and your home.

Imagine seeing your child collaborating without you needing to yell, threaten, nag or punish...


Review specificities on giftedness to parent your out of the box child effectively and more easily ...

We will deep dive in the brains and minds of the gifted.

Parenting from their strengths and knowing their specific needs will set you up for success.

You will implement tools that will work, you will understand and know root causes and provide the best individualized support for your child.


Gather your favorite Social Emotional building tools..

This is an era for Emotional Intelligence and guess what... your highly sensitive, quirky child has so much insight, creativity, and soul to bring to this world...

You will empower your child to build strong connections, advocate for themselves, problem solve proactively and collaboratively and build strong self -concepts...


Understand the impact of chronic anxiety in most disruptive behaviors

Anxiety is the silent killer because we never can identify its ramifications.

You will learn tools to identify anxiety, root cause it and mitigate its impact on your child.

Imagine seeing your child truly happy, confident, resilient and with a growth mindset for any challenge- and these times have brought plenty!


Experience intention setting 

Parent with intention, set family goals, keep them on track. Ditch the overwhelm, feeling passive, failing our own expectations.

Say yes to owning intentions, letting them guide your choices, actions and coaching conversations.

Say yes to creating a parenting on your terms, designed to reclaim peace, collaboration and success !


Remove social and emotional barriers to your child's success, fulfillment and happiness.

Champion Your Gifted Child

Hi, I am Laurance. I am the proud mother of my Gifted child, who taught me how to be a mother, a coach, a fierce loving leader. I decided to champion him to thrive in his life.

I am a Certified Life Coach, a Certified SCRUM Master and Agile Coach and I hold a Lean Six Sigma Certification, with over 15 years experience leading teams through synergies and collaboration. I have worked 5 years in Special Education in France and have learned from explosive children themselves everything I know about their specific and emotional needs.

I am the founder of Champion Your Gifted Child, LLC. Welcome to this wonderful journey!

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