Help your child manage big emotions and thrive emotionally.

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Your child displays anger outbursts, stubborness, defiance, opposition, or aggression, and constantly testing boundaries.

You are emotionally exhausted and physically depleted with constant power struggles, backtalk, not listening. You are constantly having to nag, yell, threaten or punish to get simple things done, on a daily basis and to the point of exhaustion. You worry how your child will fit in a neuro-typical world filled with rules.


Your child cannot control feelings, self-regulate or adjust feelings appropriately. Frequent, uncontrollable meltdowns

Hyperactive, your child cannot focus, follow directions or rules, is not interested in forming same age-relationships, which hinders the ability to navigate social settings. Your child has difficulty calming down in difficult situations, does not seem to be able to control high emotions and big feelings.


Your child is experiencing high levels of anxiety, perfectionism and low self-esteem.

Under achieving for fear of failure, your child has a fixed mindset, fears failure or mistakes, so does not want to invest in schoolwork or other activity. Your child has fears of the future, fears of Death, fears of what life will be after Covid and we will even have an after-Covid.  


You are exhausted

You are emotionally drained by constant struggles and you want to reclaim peace in your family. You deep down know there is a better way, an easier way to connect, be heard and respected, and parent.

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Remove social and emotional barriers to your child's success, fulfillment and happiness.

Champion Your Gifted Child

Hi, I am Laurance. I am the proud mother of my Gifted child, who taught me how to be a mother, a coach, a fierce loving leader. I decided to champion him to thrive in his life.

I am a Certified Life Coach, a Certified SCRUM Master and Agile Coach and I hold a Lean Six Sigma Certification, with over 15 years experience leading teams through synergies and collaboration. I have worked 5 years in Special Education in France and have learned from explosive children themselves everything I know about their specific and emotional needs.

I am the founder of Champion Your Gifted Child, LLC. Welcome to this wonderful journey!

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Stop Emotional Dys-Regulations

Get your complete The Emotional Dys-regulations Workshop and Calm Down tools to help you identify and permanently eliminate to the misbehavior root causes so that you can help your child self-regulate during Meltdowns and Tantrums.

Understand the brain's response to stress.

Understanding stress response equips us in best ways so we can help our child. "Kids do well if they can" as Dr Ross Green puts it.

Meltdowns are stress responses involving the brain and body culminating in the flight or fight behavior. This module is based on latest neuroscience, which open incredible paths for us to understand the developing brain.


Gather our best Calm Down Tools.

In this Module, it is all about experimenting what works best for your child at the meltdown point. Keeping what works in our toolbox and doing away with what does not. We also cover how to build a cute, engaging Calm Down Tool box for your child, creating a mindfulness corner in her/his bedroom and leveraging communication hacks when things heat up!

This module is based on Theories of Attachment, Neuroception and Proactive Collaborative solutions. Here we introduce 5 Effective Intervention Strategies that are neither forceful nor emotionally draining. Also we will review powerful practices to identify root causes, prevent them, and stop the next meltdown on its tracks.

Learn 5 Effective intervention strategies.

During a family vacation to the Smoky Mountains our son had a challenging moment.. but he sought and found comfort in the arms of his mom.

Learn about Co-Regulation to reclaim peace.

In this Module, we review one Positive Parenting key concept: Co-regulation. When we self-regulate, we literally teach our child to do the same through mirror neurons. Social-emotional regulation is a lifelong skill we can gift our child!

Learn about Mindfulness to calm Down

In this Module, we review the positive impacts of Mindfulness, how to introduce it to our child, how very simple activities can help soothe our nervous system for much better outcomes.. 

As a BONUS, here's a wonderful video from MJ, our resident Yoga teacher, teaching about mindfulness and simple yoga poses for even the youngest of our children πŸ’›